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Reading and discussing sex health articles and books seems like an easier way to open channels of communication with your partner rather than: “We need to talk about the way you make love to me” or “We need to talk about your oral sex performance”. Partners can either read material

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SEX HUMOR: Why is my sex life so boring?

Clients: “We have sex every week. Yet, our sex life is so boring. What should we do?” Sexologist: “Let’s talk more about this… Can you please tell me a little more about your sex life?” Clients: “Sure! Well, we have everything perfectly organized… Every Thursday, we go straight home after work,

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Who is the Boss NOW?

Says who that men don’t like to be bossed around? Lol! Ladies…there are exceptions to EVERY game: you just need to know how to play it right. It’s all about timing, place and MUTUAL consentment. When it comes to sex…exceptions can be simply facinating. Have fun exploring! Stay tuned for more Sex Health

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Do you know what’s the largest sex organ of our bodies?

Tactile stimulation of your skin leads to wake up to its own sensuality. As a result, two people (giver & receiver) can connect in a deeper level through the most intimate of all human exchange, “The Touch”. That been said, the SKIN is the largest sex organ of our bodies. Even a

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Orgasm! Can men fake it?

It may be harder for men to fake it, but about 25% say they sometimes do. About half of women say they have. Women fake it more often during intercourse than with other kinds of sex. If men lose interest during intercourse, is unable to stay hard, or just plain

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Did you know that…you have an orgasm from anal sex?

The anus — the opening between your buttocks — can be a very sensitive area. Not only is it full of nerve endings, but it’s close to the genitals. Some people, men and women, do have orgasms if that opening is penetrated or stimulated. But most people still need some

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The foundation of GREAT SEX is all about the hidden secrets of TOTAL-Body Sex

Let’s put it this way…does a basketball player shoots with just his wrist? Or he uses his entire body??? Exactly!!! Everything works together as well-coordinated whole and sex is no exception to this. Now, think about the last time you tasted a delicious bite of dessert or anything else that

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GREAT SEX is much more than just intercourse..!

  Great sex is all about fully exploring our bodies, gently caressing, loving, teasing, and playing, engaging into intellectual sex, unleashing our inner sensuality and taking the time to simply enjoy the process of touching for pleasure, rather than quickly reaching for the genitals and putting “orgasm” as the only goal.

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Where does the Big O name comes from?

For those visual creatures out there, here are two self explanatory images to explain that and more….     Do you see the O now? Yeap, that’s a BIG O… Lol!       Sex talk should be fun… I hope you are enjoying my Sex Health Blog.    

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Orgasm Quiz:

What’s a normal orgasm? Are multiple orgasms an urban legend? How long does it it for a men to reach orgasm? What about a women? Let’s see how much do we know about the big O…. 1.      Can orgasms add years to your life? 2.      How many minutes does a

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