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Dating Tips

If dating is a priority for you, then act like it! Actions speak louder than words. Make yourself available to talk and see each other sometime throughout the week and definitely during weekends. If it matters to you, you will make it happen. If it doesn’t, you will make up

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Men Vs Women Sexual Pleasures

Men experience pleasure primarily by releasing sexual tension; while women’s pleasure corresponds to a gradual buildup of sexual tension. Biologically, men’s sex instinctively is a testosterone drive toward the ultimate release of climax. Therefore, when he becomes aroused, he automatically seeks release due to the fact that his sexual fulfillment

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Online Dating Profile Pictures Turn Offs

                          1) Nudity – showing your body curves is great, but showing too much is just vulgar. Plus, you should save something for the imagination… What’s left to see, if you are half naked on your profile pictures.

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Surprising Turn-Ons for Women

Women dish on what they like men to do — and it’s not in the bedroom. When I casually asked my friend Becky about secret turn-ons for women, she didn’t hesitate for a second. “Doing the dishes,” she responded, as her husband looked at her in disbelief. “That’s hot!” For

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Do’s & Don’ts: Texting VS Telephoning

Technology is AWESOME. However, to constantly replace an actual conversation with a text is just a MAYOR TURN OFF and in many cases even a deal breaker in a relationship…specially during the dating stage. Most importantly, Do Not replace a telephone conversation with a text for any of the following

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Caring gestures make a women turned on in the bedroom. To connect physically, they really need that emotional and mental connection first.

“When a partner can really count on little loving gestures on an ongoing basis, it really makes for the kind of connection that’s absolutely necessary to have a relationship hang on through the good and the bad and all the crazy stuff,” says Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill, EdS, LMFT, a couples

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How to make a kiss memorable — and avoid kissing mistakes.

By Jennifer Soong WebMD Feature Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD   Whether it’s your first kiss with someone new or your lifetime partner, kissing usually leaves an impression — one that lingers long after your lips have locked. Kissing often plays an important role in relationships. “It fosters romantic compatibility,” says

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9 things guys say should never be fake about you.

Guys want genuine women in their lives. They want to know who you are and what you’re about right from the start. Women don’t want their guy to change mid-relationship, and guys want the same thing from a partner. Knowing this, I’ve compiled a list of the top nine things

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Don’t ever talk about your financial situation, your ex, medical illness or marriage & children desires on a first date.

No one wants to go on a date to listen to all of the things that are not working or missing in your life. Even if you have a lot of money, it is not polite to brag about it; it is actually a turn off for most people. On

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Send your date a thank-you text or e-mail the next day.

It is a nice way of thanking him/her for a great time! Furthermore, if you would like to see him/her again, do not be afraid to speak up. A confident personality is always very sexy. Sample: “Thank you for dinner and a great night. I am looking forward to seeing

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