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SEX & CHOCOLATE on Valentine’s Day

  Who LIKES Chocolate? What about SEX & CHOCOLATE? All right, now that I got your attention… Valentine’s Day is around the corner!!!  What a great opportunity for couples to feed their Sex Life in a powerful way by bringing Romance and Fun to their bedroom. Enclosed please find more information

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The importance of properly cleaning your sex toys

Using an unclean toy is almost like unprotected sex. Without proper cleaning, a toy may become a breeding ground for things you don’t want in your body. Using bleach or soap and water only goes so far. Hygiene is a vital component of a Healthy Sex Life. Cleaning your Sex

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Common Causes of Pain During Intercourse

Did you know that stimulating vaginal lubrication reduces pain and discomfort during intercourse? A proper balance of vaginal lubrication will increase her level of arousal leading to higher possibilities to reach orgasmic pleasures and subsequently increase her sexual desires to become sexually active again. Vaginal secretions increase and cause lubrication

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Oral Sex

Oral sex is one of the most sensual of all love play, capable of producing sensations that far surpass the pleasures of intercourse alone. In fact, learning how to orally please your partner allows you to share deeper intimacy, and experience new heightened pleasures. Watch “The Better Sex Guide to

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