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Did you know that…you have an orgasm from anal sex?

The anus — the opening between your buttocks — can be a very sensitive area. Not only is it full of nerve endings, but it’s close to the genitals. Some people, men and women, do have orgasms if that opening is penetrated or stimulated. But most people still need some

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Orgasm Quiz:

What’s a normal orgasm? Are multiple orgasms an urban legend? How long does it it for a men to reach orgasm? What about a women? Let’s see how much do we know about the big O…. 1.      Can orgasms add years to your life? 2.      How many minutes does a

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Q&A: My partner masturbates. Does that mean our sex life isn’t that great?

   The answer is FALSE. Your partner masturbates. So what? It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or your sex life. It just means your partner’s human. In fact, 91% of men under age 70 have masturbated and 76% of women — and likely many more. Plus look at

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What would you recommend to stop the penis from entering all the way into the vagina and hitting the cervix?

  Here are several things for you to consider: A good 15-20 session of foreplay is imperative prior sexual intercourse because when a woman gets turned on she naturally lubricates while her cervix will rise higher to accommodate a longer penis. Furthermore, artificial lube and sex enhancements also work wonders.

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Can I lose my virginity, if I masturbate?

Technically there is only one way to lose your virginity. That is by having sexual intercourse causing your hymen to break when a man’s penis goes deep inside your vagina and tear your hymen (unless you are lesbian and in that case it will be through a real penis replacement

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Can frequent masturbation (a few times per week) be the cause of not been able to orgasm without having my clitoris stimulated? It’s not that I don’t feel anything or enjoy what I feel, because I do. I just can’t get to that climax point.

Certainly not. This is perfectly normal. In fact, most women need clitoral stimulation in order to climax. In order for women to climax, they must have the right amount of stimulation. Otherwise, they don’t get to the highest point or peak of their sexual arousal. As a result, they can’t climax.

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What color should my semen be?

In a mature male, semen should be anywhere from a white to a very pale yellow color. However, In young men, or in men who do not produce sperm, it can be clear. A man’s semen is usually white color because of proteins. Semen is comprised of sperm cells in

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How do I make my cum taste better?

1) Honey – Low water activity and a higher sweetness than sugar means that the sweetness is more likely to translate in bodily fluids. Fructose protein makes up a great deal of semen, and honey is basically fructose. 2) Water – Part of the reason that the makeup of semen

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