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Life Purpose

  We are in earth for an important life purpose: to continuously grow in wisdom, learn to love ourselves and others in a healthier way and to share these as a way to give back for everything we constantly received. We can do this through losi…ng as well as through

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Merry Christmas from Ileana M. Calderon!!!

A smile can bring joy to the whole world and I hope mine brings some to you today! Holidays are all about love and happiness.  May this lovely Christmas Season bring you delights in ALL possible forms.               May you receive love in abundance

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Quotes by Ileana M. Calderon

“Don’t let your current situation dictate your life course. Instead, pursue your happiness by taking control over how you’re going to live your live from now on”. – Ileana M Calderon, Sexologist, Coach & Founder of  ”Love is the seed of life as well as an essential ingredient to

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