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The importance of properly cleaning your sex toys

Using an unclean toy is almost like unprotected sex. Without proper cleaning, a toy may become a breeding ground for things you don’t want in your body. Using bleach or soap and water only goes so far. Hygiene is a vital component of a Healthy Sex Life.

Cleaning your Sex Toys Properly is Important for Several Reasons:

First, you do not want to spread any disease. Sexually transmitted infections can also be spread by sharing sex toys without previously cleaning them properly. Even if you do not share your toys with anyone, you must clean them after each use to avoid any bacteria (sexually related or not) to grow on your toy and consequently causing an undesired infection. Furthermore, let’s not forget about hepatitis from anal sex play!

Second, if you clean your sex toys properly, they will stay in good condition and last longer! If you are not going to use a toy that runs on batteries for a week or more, you should take the batteries out because they can get corroded and ruin the toy. Also keep your toys stored in a cool, dry place. One thing you can do to practice safe sex while using a toy that is going to be inserted anywhere is to put a condom on it. However, even if you use a condom, you still need to clean the toy when you are finished with it.

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Now enjoy and keep it clean! Lol! 

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