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Orgasm Quiz:

What’s a normal orgasm? Are multiple orgasms an urban legend? How long does it it for a men to reach orgasm? What about a women?

Let’s see how much do we know about the big O….

1.      Can orgasms add years to your life?

2.      How many minutes does a woman usually take to orgasm during   sex? 

3.      Can condoms affect a guy’s orgasm?

4.      Can men have an orgasm without ejaculation?

5.      Women can have multiple orgasms, but men can’t. True or False?

6.      If a man masturbates too much, he won’t be able to have an orgasm during sex. True or False?

7.      Does finding the G-spot means you’ll have better sex?

8.      Can men fake it?

9.      Can you have an orgasm from anal sex?

10.  Can a woman have an orgasm and not know it?

11.  How many women orgasm from sex alone?



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8 Responses to Orgasm Quiz:

  1. admin says:

    Orgasms can add years to your life. Some large studies have shown that both men and women who have orgasms often live longer than those who don’t.

  2. A woman usually takes between 10 to 20 minutes to orgasm during sex. Furthermore, women generally need longer to have an orgasm than men, who take about 7 to 14 minutes. These are just averages, of course. You may be faster or slower, and it can be different from one time to the next.

  3. Condoms can affect a guy’s orgasm. Using a condom may make sex feel different, especially if a guy is used to having it without one. But a guy can learn to have orgasms while wearing a condom. Don’t stop at the first brand you buy. Experiment with other types — thickness and shape vary — until you find one that you like. Extra lubrication can make condom use easier, too. And let’s not forget about female condoms as another option.

  4. Men can have an orgasm without ejaculation.
    Having an orgasm and ejaculating are two different things. They usually happen together. For many men, a powerful ejaculation is the best part of an orgasm. Other men keep feeling the orgasm well after they release semen. After age 40, a man may ejaculate less, but he can still have orgasms.

  5. Women and men can both have multiple orgasms. Surprised? Men younger than 30 are more likely than older men to have multiple orgasms. After an orgasm, most men need a rest period before they can get another erection. If he’s older, it may b…e a few hours. But if he’s younger, he may be up and ready in a few minutes.

  6. Does finding the G-spot means she’ll have better sex? A number of studies have reported that some women are capable of experiencing erotic sensitivity, sexual pleasure, arousal, orgasm, and ejaculation of fluids from stimulation of the Grafenberg spot. However, many other women do not have such an area of increased sensation. In other words, exploring the G-spot area doesn’t mean a woman would automatically respond to it. In fact, not all women are sensitive in the same ways. If you’ve found the G-spot, and you like it, then more power to you. If not, then continue exploring other exquisite erogenous areas of our human body playground. Enjoy!

  7. admin says:

    Can men fake it? It may be harder for men to fake it, but about 25% say they sometimes do. About half of women say they have. Women fake it more often during intercourse than with other kinds of sex. If men lose interest during intercourse, is unable to stay hard, or just plain tired, he may fake it instead of admitting any of the above.

  8. admin says:

    Can you have an orgasm from anal sex? The anus — the opening between your buttocks — can be a very sensitive area. Not only is it full of nerve endings, but it’s close to the genitals. Some people, men and women, do have orgasms if that opening is penetrated or stimulated. But most people still need some genital touch to have an orgasm.

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