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Do you know what’s the largest sex organ of our bodies?

Tactile stimulation of your skin leads to wake up to its own sensuality. As a result, two people (giver & receiver) can connect in a deeper level through the most intimate of all human exchange, “The Touch”.

That been said, the SKIN is the largest sex organ of our bodies.

Even a gentle touch such as stroking your hair, caressing your hands or feet (away from the genitals) can certainly send stimuli toward the genital area causing sexual interest and awakening the most intense physiological reaction. This natural body response begins on the surface of the skin slowly moving inwards leading to activate your sexual energy. The pleasure caused by caressing the skin is a slow process due to the fact that is unaware. However, a steady buildup of your sexual feelings, through touching for pleasure techniques, can certainly lead to sexual responsiveness (arousal). Touching for pleasure is just the beginning of an exquisite journey of a healthy and fulfilling sex life.


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