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SEX HUMOR: Why is my sex life so boring?

“We have sex every week. Yet, our sex life is so boring. What should we do?”

Sexologist: “Let’s talk more about this… Can you please tell me a little more about your sex life?”
Clients: “Sure! Well, we have everything perfectly organized… Every Thursday, we go straight home after work, take individual showers and met up in bed at 7PM for sex. We use lubrication so we don’t waist too much time on foreplay, we have sex, my mother bring our kids back home by 8PM, we all have dinner by 8:30PM and by 9:30PM, we are all in bed so we can get up on time next morning.”
Sexologist: Oh boy….anyone? Lol!

Organization is a great skill that can be utilized almost in every aspect of our life. However, when it comes to sex, spontaneity and creativity is a must have. Think about this…what is your favorite food? Let’s say it is roasted chicken. Ok, so you like roasted chicken very much, i get that. So now, I will give you roasted chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner from now on. Happy? What do you mean? Why not? You said, you like roasted chicken… I don’t get it!!! Lol! Exactly!!! So what about if I give you 3,000 different chicken recipes every day? Not bad, ah? Hey, it is still chicken though, but different every day. Right? ;)

In other words, it is NOT about changing chicken (your partner) for shrimp (for another one), but to learn how to always innovate in the bedroom AND OUTSIDE of the bedroom. After all, there are sooooo many recipes to try and so many different spots to eat at within the house. Some of the spots a bit uncomfortable, but so much fun to try….Lol!

Dare to explore the facinating adventures of adding romance and spice to your sex life. Enjoy! :)


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Ileana M. Calderon, Certified Sexologist, Relationship Coach, Bilingual Sex Educator and Blog Contributor for
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